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A quick bite with Michael

Raised in a Scottish village called Scone (yes, really), baking was ingrained in Michael from a young age. He shared why despite this, he was very surprised to make it onto Bake Off…

What’s it like having made it into the Tent?

This was the very first time that I applied. I applied one night as I was a bit bored; I never thought I would get to the audition process. So when I found out it was a mixture of shock and blind panic!

What memories do you have of the very first week?

We all bonded immediately as Bakers and getting to know everyone was so lovely. Everyone was so open, warm and understanding.

You are asked to make a cake that signifies one of the happiest days of your life.  What would it be and why…and what would it be made of?

I would make a big white cake made of orange and pistachio. It would have all little fondant bakers all the way round, it would have bunting, a picket fence and some grass.

Who will be the most surprised out of your friends/workmates/family that you have made it to Bake Off?

My grandma, as she will be totally speechless, she would have to sit down in a quiet room and have a cup of tea. She is very chatty usually but I know this will shock her.

If you could be stuck in a lift with a previous Baker who would it be and why?

It would have to be Selasi, I would like to get stuck in a lift with him. I would be freaking out and thinking the world was over but he would be relaxed and just chilled and then I would be too!

The Great British Bake Off starts Tuesday 27th August, 8pm on Channel 4.