Liam’s Crepe Roll

Liam Charles’s Crepe Roll

Liam Charles
Liam Charles

Junior Bake Off

Liam’s crepe rolls feature soft, delicate chocolate crepes rolled around a delicious malted mascarpone cream before being decorated with a piped white chocolate ganache and some cherries.

Makes: 1 crepe roll
Difficulty: Needs skill
Hands-On Time: 40 mins
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Step 1
For the crepes, in a large bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar together.

Step 2
In a separate bowl, sieve together the flour and cocoa powder, then add to the whisked eggs and sugar, and mix to form a stiff paste.

Step 3
Whisking continuously, slowly add the milk to make a smooth batter. Set aside to rest.

Step 4
To cook the crepes, heat the crepe pan over a medium high heat and grease the pan with a little butter. Pour in a ladle of batter and swirl around the pan to meet the edges. You may need more than one ladle full. Heat until the crepe is cooked through, then flip over and cook for a further few minutes.

Step 5
Remove from the pan and transfer to a sheet of parchment paper.

Step 6
Continue until you have 6 crepes, storing each one on a sheet of parchment to prevent them sticking to each other. Leave to cool completely.

Step 7
For the malted milk filling, in a small pan heat the cream until warm but not boiling. Once warm, add the malted milk powder and sugar, and whisk until dissolved.

Step 8
Transfer to a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment and allow to slightly cool.

Step 9
Once slightly cooled, beginning whisking, then add the mascarpone and beat on full speed until thick and smooth.

Step 10
For the assembly, lay one crepe on a piece of parchment and spread a thin layer of the malted milk filling over the entire crepe. Lay a line of cherry halves across the edge of the crepe closest to you.

Step 11
Place another crepe above the first one, so that it’s slightly overlapping the first crepe on the edge furthest away from you. The edges will stick together with the malted milk filling. Cover the second crepe with a thin layer of malted milk filling.

Step 12
Starting with the cherry lined edge, roll the crepes up until only a small edge of the second crepe remains visible.

Step 13
Stick the third crepe to the visible edge of the second crepe and cover with malted milk filling, then continue to roll.

Step 14
Repeat until you have used all six crepes and you have a solid roll, making sure to tuck the seam underneath. Transfer to the fridge to chill until ready to decorate.

Step 15
For the white chocolate ganache, in a small pan heat the cream to just below boiling point, then pour over the white chocolate. Leave to melt for five minutes, then stir to create a smooth ganache. Chill in the fridge until just below room temperature.

Step 16
Transfer the cooled white chocolate ganache to a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment. Whisk the ganache until its thick, pale, glossy and hold its shape. Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a large, open star nozzle.

Step 17
To decorate, remove the crepe roll from the fridge. Trim the ends and pipe swirls of ganache across the top of the roll. Finish with five whole cherries for decoration.