Ravneet Gill’s Unicorn Wafer Cones

Ravneet Gill
Ravneet Gill

Junior Bake Off

Ravneet’s unicorn horns are made from delicate wafer biscuits and filled with milky hazelnut and silky white chocolate ganache. Be careful with your timings when cooking the wafers, as if overbaked they’ll crack and break when shaping.

Makes: 6
Difficulty: Needs skill
Hands-On Time: 45 mins
Baking Time: 15 mins
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Step 1
For the hazelnut and white chocolate crème pâtissière. Start by placing the hazelnut chocolate and hazelnut extract in a bowl, and the white chocolate chips in another bowl.

Step 2
In a separate bowl, mix together the egg yolks with the cornflour and vanilla bean paste and set aside.

Step 3
Heat the milk in a saucepan until just simmering. Pour a third of the hot milk onto the egg yolk mixture and whisk vigorously. Slowly pour in the remaining milk, whisking all the time.

Step 4
Return the mix to the pan and heat over a low heat until the mixture begins to thicken. Stir continuously to prevent the mixture catching and splitting.

Step 5
Once thickened pour half the mixture over the hazelnut chocolate and the other half over the white chocolate, and let the hot liquid melt the chocolate. Stir to combine.

Step 6
Cover the surface of each crème pâtissière with cling film (this prevents a skin from forming). Leave to cool, then chill.

Step 7
For the wafer cone batter. In the bowl of stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form. Add the salt and 1 tablespoon of the icing sugar then whisk until stiff peaks form.

Step 8
Using a spatula, gently fold in the remaining sugar, then fold in the flour, melted butter, and sprinkles, then mix until smooth.

Step 9
Turn on the wafer maker. Spray the bottom and top cooking plates with oil. Place a tablespoon of the batter in the centre of the cooking plate, then close the lid.

Step 10
Cook for 30 seconds – 1 minute, until pale golden. While the wafer is warm, carefully roll it around the cone mould to form a cone shape, then snip around the widest end of the cone to create a flat edge. Leave to cool and repeat with the remaining batter to make 6 cones.

Step 11
Make 6 flat bases for the horns to sit on by placing 1 tsp of batter into the wafer maker. Cook for 30 seconds, then remove and leave to cool and harden.

Step 12
For decoration. Melt the white chocolate and dip the tip of each wafer horn into it. Shake off any excess. Dip into the sprinkles and chill to set.

Step 13
Transfer the hazelnut and the white chocolate crème pâtissière to two separate piping bags, then pipe into the wafer horns.

Step 14
Spread a little melted white chocolate onto the flat base wafers, then stick to the wide end of the horns. Turn upside down to serve, then paint on unicorn eyes using black edible pen.