Soda Bread

Ready in less than an hour and made with just a few store-cupboard ingredients, who knew that baking bread could be so easy?

Serves: 1 loaf
Difficulty: Easy
Hands-On Time: 15 mins
Baking Time: 30 mins
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Step 1
Heat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/400°F/Gas 6.

Step 2
Put the flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda into a mixing bowl, then stir in the buttermilk and mix to combine to a soft dough.

Step 3
Tip out the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and quickly shape the dough into a ball.

Step 4
Flatten the ball slightly and place it on the lined baking tray. Use a metal skewer to cut a cross in the top of the bread, almost down to the base (but without cutting all the way through).

Step 5
Bake the loaf for 30 minutes, until golden brown and the base sounds hollow when tapped. Transfer to a wire rack to cool before slicing.