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Rob’s cake-tastrophe

Butter-fingered baker Rob was left red-faced when he managed to tip his elaborately prepared cake onto the floor in the final challenge.

The 25-year-old’s unforgettable gaffe took place in the crucial Showstopper Bake. While adding the finishing touches to his plush Genoise sponge, he managed to divert the dessert off the side of the worktop.

“I kept pushing it round and then it just fell off, I’m so gutted,” said an emotional Rob, post-disaster.

Paul Hollywood stepped in to aide the distraught baker as his masterpiece lay limp and squashed on the floor.

“Don’t bend it,” implored the exquisitely tanned judge, before managing to help retrieve the bottom layer of Rob’s two-tiered cake.

Rob niftily spread some more chocolate onto his base and served up his tiered cake, one tier short.

“The taste of that… is divine,” purred judge Paul as he chomped on the sponge.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” he added, still talking about the cake.

Mary Berry also commended Rob for making a Genoise – “the most difficult sponge to make”.

And so the quality of Rob’s bake spared him the ignominy of being the first person to be booted off the show by the judges.

“I’m massively relieved, I can now show how good I am at other things,” said Rob.

Nothing that involves carrying anything fragile, we presume.