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Ruby’s Magic Moments

I’ve never felt as relieved in my entire life as when time was called on the final bake, and Frances, Kimberley and I finally put down our rolling pins and turned off our ovens for the last time. The friendships I forged over the course of the 10 weeks of filming were just invaluable. Every week it was so hard to say goodbye to yet another baker. We grew really close. Here’s my top moments from the series…


– Howard’s incredible wry remarks and sense of humour. Peachy Buns. I needn’t say more.

– My first star baker. I nearly fell off the stool when Paul and Mary announced that. What a relief after the trauma of the first week – curdled custard, but on top of terrible nerves and many sleepless nights, I was so upset that I could barely pull it together to finish the challenge.

– A high point of every week was getting to rummage through the drawers and cupboards in the tent, looking for leftover bakes. One of the most delicious things I ever tasted in that tent was a handful of Kimberley’s Viennese biscuit tower.

– I genuinely appreciated being told to ‘get a ruddy grip’ periodically by Mel and Sue. Mortifying, but essential.

– Week 8 was one of mixed emotions – I was elated at getting star baker for a third time, but we were all shocked and upset by the harsh judging that week, and Christine’s elimination.


– Biscuit tower week was a horrible one all round – it was heartbreaking seeing Frances’ tower collapse, and Rob and his Dalek sent home.

– The week 9 Charlotte brain debacle. What a terrible bake. I was abysmal that week, I realised then that I needed to work on presentation. Flavours got me through that round, but just scraping through did not make me feel good.