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From Russell with love

The hairy king of innuendo created a showstopping tribute to his wife’s vagina (made of biscuits, obvs).

For his signature challenge Russell made football team brownies in honour of his West Ham United heroes (and Sandi).

Then for his Swiss roll he used self-raising flour – “flour from the streets that came up its own way” – but he failed to tame the unruly white powder and Paul dubbed his technical a “Swiss flat”.

Russell lent a sophisticated air to the tent throughout, name-checking painter Pablo Picasso, filmmaker Fritz Lang and Sky Sports commentator Tony Cottee.

So it was fitting that he triumphed with an expressionist masterpiece, which he described as “the cosmic vagina as the portal to all life” .

What his showstopper lacked in mathematical accuracy, it made up for in attention to detail.

“I know you wanted 24 Prue, but would you take a look at those labia and tell me that’s not adequate?”

She could not.

“I’ve never heard of a biscuit quite like it,” gushed the judge, who commended Russell’s “celebration of womanhood” and the “amazing” taste of his biccies.

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