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Selasi’s Magic Moments

It’s a massively great achievement for me personally, and my family, to get to the semi finals. It’s been absolutely amazing, splendid, I loved it all. I was almost at the last hurdle, and then I dropped the ball. I can’t blame anyone else but myself, I was sorry to be going but also accepted it at the same time.

I have read that I am known as Mr Cool, or the chuckling Zen banker, that does make me smile. I am very laid back and that can be scary sometimes because I am so chilled. I feel you don’t need to panic, I look at things in the best way possible and being an optimist think that’s the best way to get through life.

Benjalasi was hilarious particularly as we have such a good sister/brother relationship. We had such a great bonding in the tent, and she laughed at my jokes. For me it was more about a bunch of people baking in the tent and having a great time, not a competition.

The world of banking think my taking part is amazing. I have had such a great reception across the banks from everyone, from different parts of the organisation to different parts of the world from New York to Japan. It has been really cool.

My best moment in the tent has to be every moment. But when I messed up and tried to blag my way out of it, I can’t believe I did that, now watching it back I find it really hilarious. My worst moment had to be leaving of course but I think I left at the right time, it was time for me to go. I knew it and felt it.

The bakers have a very special relationship, – we bonded from the first day, and now we talk every single day – it’s so nice that we have all kept great friends.

I was so surprised by the reaction on Social media, and on Instagram now I think I have 22,500 followers, and Twitter it’s about 30,000. They are all wishing me well and they all come across as very genuine which is humbling.

My family have loved watching me, I think I have made them very proud. I am the only baker in the family, although my dad is a good chef. I grew up being around him in the kitchen, and mum, aunties and grandmas have all had a big influence on me.

Paul and I got on really well and I appreciated his baking advice but our common ground was always about motorbikes so we would talk more about that! I have a few ideas for the future, and one of them is planning a motorbike adventure across Europe and maybe to Africa, and that will be around baking and charity work.