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Semi Final – Online Reaction

“How can a baking programme, a programme about baking goods, be soooo tense?” tweeted Robert BB in reaction to the Semi Final. As well as being a nailbiting affair, it was also packed full of emotion for viewers as beloved baker Janet departed the show.

Writing on the official Facebook fan page, Holly Baldock epitomised the general feeling: “Sad to see Janet leave, there’s a lot to be said for someone who’s a ‘rustic and real’ baker and can rustle something up from whatever’s in the cupboard but this comp is really about being technically excellent so i think it was the right call ;)”

“Janet is a winner as far as I’m concerned,” gushed Ruth Garland. “She’ll probably continue to be one of the most memorable contestants due to her scary eyes and self-deprecating quips…a lot of fun to watch her and such a lovely lady too!”

The size of her pastries amused many too, with many in stitches at Sue Perkins’ quip that Janet’s croissants resembled a neck support. “The quote about the croissant was just the best and funniest thing I have heard in a long time,” giggled KirstyAspinall Flanagan. “Gave us a good chuckle… thanks Sue.”

Aside from the laughing there was also plenty of salivating, especially when the Iced Fingers entered the fray. “My bum is getting bigger just watching those pastries lol,” drooled Lottie Cat. Stella Branch tweeted that her “daughter just threatened to lick the TV screen as the cakes all looked soo delicious! :-)”.

It wasn’t just the food that was being drooled over though. “Think I’d just like to cover Paul in icing..!” wrote Kim Murray about the show’s very own judge. She was far from alone with those sugar coated sentiments!

Elsewhere, Mary-Anne’s collection of 700 recipe books led to a collective jaw drop online. “I have a cupboard full, but no where near 700, think hubby would divorce me if I had,” wrote Hazel Stanton.

But who will be opening a new chapter of their lives by becoming the Great British Bake Off winner? Tune in for The Final on Tuesday at 8pm to find out…