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Show Two Round Up

Jason found his niche in quiche while Simon crumbled like his overcooked pastry in the tart-centric second week of The Great British Bake Off.

The first challenge involved the remaining eleven bakers making their signature quiche within a two-hour time limit. This was a scary proposition for Urvashi, who confessed to having a nightmare about judge Paul Hollywood emerging from her food!

Presenter Sue Perkins was on hand to offer Rob some vital advice, following his cake’s encounter with the kitchen floor last week. “Face up please Rob!” she urged as the young man prepared to transfer his dish from oven to table.

Rob’s quiche survived intact, although the attention was focused on Jason’s salmon and pak choi concoction that Paul branded “spectacular”. It received more praise than Mary-Anne’s offering, which was blasted for having a “soggy bottom”.

There was a distinct lack of moisture in the second challenge – the Technical Bake. This revolved around all of the bakers making a tarte au citron using the same ingredients, but Simon’s dry and overcooked pastry led to widespread criticism from the judges.

Jo encountered what might be described as ‘structural issues’ with her tart, forcing her to add an emergency extra layer of pastry that Paul later described as resembling a “patchwork quilt”. Meanwhile, Urvashi displayed an admirable sense of optimism when she removed her tart from the oven and said: “I don’t think it’s a disaster”.

All of the tarts were deemed to be of “a jolly good standard” by Mary Berry, with Ben’s effort garnering the most praise and Simon’s smoldering serving the least.

The final Showstopper challenge called for the bakers to prepare 24 miniature tarts – with consistency being the key factor. Simon certainly showed remarkable consistency – but only in the sense that he burned another batch of pastry! He was shown the door despite a favourable response to his salted chocolate filling, although Rob was very close to edging ahead.

“I still feel he shouldn’t be here,” judge Paul said about Rob, whose tarts fell apart and could not be successfully salvaged in a manner akin to Humpty Dumpty. “But after much talking and chatting we decided to let him stay,” concluded Paul.

Jason’s artistically presented mint chocolate and blueberry bakewell tarts secured him the title of Star Baker, although Ian was hot on his heels. For his bottom was simply adored by Mary, although we hasten to point out that she was referring to his quiche