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Simon burns his bridges…

Simon was adjudged the second baker to be booted out of the kitchen after a series of culinary mishaps.

Burning pastry was a common theme for the 31-year-old in Week Two, as his tart-related mishaps saw him narrowly ejected despite similar calamities from Joanne and Rob.

“I don’t feel any resentment for the result,” Simon admitted. “It has got to be the best people going through this competition. It is tough.”

Judge Paul Hollywood declared that the full time carer “didn’t perform all weekend”, while Mary Berry stated that “it was disappointing today because his pastry was so overbaked.”

After his quiche slipped largely under the radar in the first task, Simon’s lemon tart was deemed to be the worst – not helped by the pastry falling just short of being charcoal.

The final miniature tart challenge offered a chance for redemption, with Paul commenting that Simon’s salted chocolate, ginger and mascarpone cream tarts had the potential to be “magical”.

However, Simon once again failed to remove the pastry from the oven in good time. The tart’s sticky filling was branded “lovely” by Mary, but the smouldering casing was roundly castigated by everyone – including Simon himself!

Reflecting on his demise, Simon stressed that the result will have a positive effect and “will push me to do more in my own baking at home and set a higher standard”. It might be advisable for him to fit a smoke alarm in there first though…