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Steph: Dairy Week’s Star Baker

Steph’s signature was light but rich

She passed it off without a hitch

Full of chocolate and buttermilk

The judges found it of the highest ilk

Then came the technical – a historical terror

Henry VIII’s favourite ‘Maids of Honour’

Her pastry was flaky, her decoration neat

Which meant she came first – quite a feat!

Then came the showstopper of Indian sweets

Steph’s pink and pretty mishti were a real treat

Paul said that her flavours were really clever

Steph’s mum was so shocked she nearly let slip a swear!

Congratulations to Steph, Dairy Week’s Star Baker. To find out who comes out on top for 1920s Week watch The Great British Bake Off on Tuesday 24th September at 8pm on Channel 4.