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Stu’s Magic Moments

I’m so gutted to be leaving you all so soon.

Getting onto The Bake Off was one of my greatest achievements.

After one LONG weekend I leave with my head held high. I will continue to experiment with flavours and not to play by the rules.

My best moments on the show are…

1. Seeing the tent. As a fan of the show it was pretty magical.

2. Having an airing drawer. Pretty fancy. Shame I didn’t get to use it. Boo.

3. Having Mary Berry try one of my recipes. Awesome!

4. Play fighting with Mel.

5. Talking tattoos with Sue.

6. Being part of what I think will be the best series of bake off yet.  The contestants are ridiculous.

My lowest moments on the show are… 

1. My caramel not turning. Blinking induction hobs. Give me gas any day.

2. My other caramel almost taking out one of Paul’s teeth.

3. Seeing how upset Dorret was when she had to present her cake. Mortifying. I hate seeing people that upset. Especially over cake.

4. Making a boob of the cake in the technical. I was asking for some flack really.

5. Leaving the tent so early.

6. Not getting to try all of the cakes everyone produced.