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The Deluge Of Dolly Disasters – Your Week 5 Verdict!

“The One With the Deluge of Dolly Disasters”

That alliterative title, conjured up by @EmilyDavis28 as part of the official twitter feed’s #BakeOffFriends game, sums up the joys of Pie Week!

“Well done Ryan for making a key lime pie so good that Mary needed a hug to recover from,” @Dan_Gilbert tweeted about the night’s Star Baker.

“Oh… I had a tear in my eye, wrote Heather O’Sullivan on the show’s Facebook page. “Glad Ryan’s bake worked out. He seemed so shocked!”

However, Frances Elizabeth van Velzen countered: “The key lime pie is a beauty but was amazed Paul and Mary [picked] Ryan on the strength of one cake.”

As for the departure, many felt sorry for Manisha and her unfortunate mishaps, but the mood was upbeat for her baking future. “Aww – Manisha keep baking – Leicester loves you! Such a sweetie,” tweeted @MaireadFromBray.

The segment on eel pie wasn’t as mouthwatering for the nation as Ryan’s pie. Everything But The Girl singer @tracey_thorn tweeted: “I’m eating cake and just BLANKING these eels out completely #GBBO”. Perhaps the band should be renamed Everything But The Eel?

With her cracking quips and killer quiff, @sueperkins was soon trending worldwide. Not surprising, given the dropping jaws caused by the size stipulations of the Wellington challenge.

“Was it my imagination or was @sueperkins at some risk of giggling when making the 8 inches announcement?” pondered @stoneflowerjane. “@sueperkins is on fire tonight!” added @Pistachio_Rose. “Loving the sound of the pastry passion pagoda too!”

As for the Showstopper challenge, it gave rise to plenty more in the way of #BakeOffInnuendo.

“Anyone else thinking what i’m thinking… American Pie?!!!#bakeoffinnuendo” wondered @annie_beth. “Hope there’s no bakers trying to emulate the film today #jeepers,” feared @lynsayjm.

Well, as the saying goes, the pie’s the limit!

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