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The Great British Bake Off Week Three – Your Verdict

“Unbake my tart, say you’ll lattice me again…”

While the 10 remaining amateur bakers cooked up a sweet symphony of tarts, the show’s fans were busy dining on a feast of puns and innuendo. What else did you expect during Tart Week?!

Before we venture into the bemusing bowels of #BakeOffInnuendo, let’s look at the reaction to Paul and Mary’s final decisions from the official @britishbakeoff Twitter page and Facebook group.

“Victoria definitely had more to offer but she suffered death by tart!!” tweeted @sjdyde about the axed baker. Over on Facebook, Phil Jones wrote: “She had a good first week but struggled last week with the bread and this week made mistakes in all 3 tests. So she had to go!”

“Sad to see Victoria leave the show as I thought she had potential to go all the way through to the last couple of weeks,” said Alison Rees. “She seems like a very nice lady.”

As for the Star Baker, the masses were full of adulation for James – and not just for his lattice powerslamming and fetching tank top.

“James is innovative, imaginative and isn’t scared of making something completely off beat – he’s fab!” beamed Zoe Anna Buckler. Fiona Fayker concurred, stating that “James was right for Star Baker, but should have been Manish leaving, I think she has been weak all the way through!!”

The combination of James and John in the kitchen led @jennycolgan to tweet: “The young blokes in #GBBO are like when they had 2 David Tennants in Doctor Who and one had to keep his glasses on so you could tell them apart…”

On the subject of John, one choice comment about altering a Mary Berry recipe let to a flurry of mirth. “John’s belting line about fiddling with Mary Berry has made my night #BakeOffInnuendo,” giggled @amyxvxsmith!

“A wet tart with a soggy bottom? Oh dear. #BakeOffInnuendo.” Sighed @thetroublewith as a deluge of similarly-themed tweets flooded in. “I wouldn’t mind Paul Hollywood sampling my buns!” quipped @Sarah_Mudford. Oh dear indeed!

Back in the kitchen, Cathryn served up a Five Spice Tarte Tatin – “a combination of Ginger, Baby, Scary, Posh and Sporty,” according to your very own @britishbakeoff. Not technically true, unlike the fact that Tarte Tatin was trending worldwide!

Sue Perkins’ suggestion that the Star Baker be given a recession-defying ‘foil crown’ led @HowardCragg to proffer his own idea: “How about in the next series the star baker gets a special apron like the yellow jersey in the Tour De France?”

Time to peddle out a few celeb tweets, with Mark of ‘Sam and Mark’ fame proclaiming that “Great British Bake Off is great… yes I’m aware I’m only 30 but I don’t care… I’m off to eat pastry!” Fellow presenter Angelica Bell quite rightly gushed: “Just LOVE @BritishBakeOff – need to brush up on my tarts!”

Meanwhile, MasterChef presenter and renowned culinary wizard John Torode tweeted: “I have to say the great British Bake off is very good @Hollywoodbaker & @sueperkins #tarts”

Perhaps the beauty of #GBBO and Twitter is summed up by the following tweet from @WarGit, which referred to a spot of information dished out on the show about medicinal nutrition from many decades before:

“Invalid Fruit Tart” is trending. I’ve no idea what’s going on, but I approve…”

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