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The Great British Bake Off Week Two – Your Verdict

Bread Week rolled into town, but viewers picked up on more than a whiff of innuendo in the second episode of the third series.

Every culinary double entendre was seized upon on our Official Twitter page and Facebook fan page, causing our very own #BakeOffInnuendo hashtag to trend!

“I’m convinced #gbbo should be renamed Carry on Baking. ‘You’ve got a nice action there’ – Ooh matron!” tweeted @BethEleri.

Our official @BritishBakeOff account picked up on Cathryn’s observation of a rival eight-strand plaited loaf: “Oh look at James’, it’s really long…” #BakeOffInnuendo is the gift that keeps on giving…

A tweet from @neekonline caused a few blushes: “Step away from the ‘Ruined at the bottom’ comment… (Even I’m not touching that one). #BakeOffInnuendo #CarryOnBaking”

Referring to a specific bagel making technique, Haylee Turner cackled: “If my boyfriend came and offered me a ‘middle finger spin’ I’d slap him. Tonight was pure filth ;)”

Away from the smut, Peter fell into a rut and sadly didn’t make the cut. Fortunately there was a big but (and not one with a double ‘t’!), as he enjoyed a very special ‘Mel & Sue Sandwich’ on his way out. It was just an innocent hug!

There’s simply no escaping the double entendres – with every hand gesture and beneath every grain there appeared to be one! Back to more serious matters at hand…

“Right decision for Peter to go,” felt Caroline Froy on Facebook. “Had a bad week, was better last week.”

“Stuart should have gone, ” countered Paul Hunt, stating that the P.E. teacher was “poor [for] two weeks in a row. Peter was good last week, poor this.”

As for John being crowned the Star Baker, Sarah Morgan shared her joy: “[I] was really pleased for John he came back from Saltgate to become star baker. Refused to be disheartened or self-pitying and used lessons of last week to very valuable effect!”

“Who’d have thought bagel making/baking was this hard?” tweeted Sky Sports presenter Georgie Thompson. She was far from alone, with many viewers stunned by the intricacy required.

Journalist Stuart Heritage mused: “Sometimes I think I’m good at baking. Then I watch Great British Bake Off. Then I spend a full week cursing my idiot hands.”

Claire Louise Dorman Hill summed up the consensus on Facebook: “I think it takes something really special to bake bread, good on everyone on the GBBO for giving it their best!”

“As always Paul has the best buns!” chipped in Michael Pullen. As we said, no escape from the crude-ites!

With the show being devoted to tarts next week, expect a few more innuendos to be slipped in. That’s a serious understatement, unlike the following verdict from Paul Hollywood on one flatbread effort that we’ll leave you with…

“To say it was a disaster would be a humiliation to disaster.”

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