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The One with Blood, Sweat and Tears – Your Week 6 Verdict!

Everybody lives! They all survived! The shock ending to GBBO’s Pudding Week provoked a huge outpouring of relief on Twitter and Facebook following poor John’s kitchen accident.

“Aw, #GBBO shows again that TV talent shows can be lovely and friendly,” tweeted @Smylers2. “Most wise decision on the elimination this week.”

“Good decision from the queen of puds and silver fox,” wrote Ann McIntosh, praising the touch decision made by Paul and Mary. “Very fair – that glove full of blood was a bit of a shocker too,” added Susie Nash. Even the official @StJohnAmbulance account tweeted John to say, “Hope you’re feeling better.”

There was gore on the floor to go with the splattering of blood, courtesy of a couple of baking mishaps. “Oh poor Danny – there’s no use crying over spilt sponges,” punned @IamPaulWhiting after she made the kitchen carpet resemble a sight many dog owners fear when they return home from work.

Cathryn’s bid to secure a spot in Team GB’s pastry hurling squad for the 2016 Olympics led to her announcement of “I’m not serving Mary Berry green carpet”. Laughter ensued across the nation. “She comes out with some cracking lines!!” wrote Alex Farrant, with Kim Ford adding: “That was so funny :D.. Well done Cathryn for just getting on with it.”

‘The Bakernator’ Brendan scooped Star Baker when judgment day arrived. The rise of the baking machine prompted writer @AndrewCollins to comment: “I loved the way we heard the whirring of his food mixer when this observation was made, as if it was part of Robo-Brendan!”

“Did you see his arm at the same time, though? I reckon he has a whisk attachment on his robotic limb,” chipped in @snowbloodapple. Part Man. Part Machine. All Baker.

Melissa Wright backed the judges’ verdict, but with reservations. “Not keen on the hairy arm stretch šŸ™ but he deffo deserved to be the star this week! Brendan to win for me!”

“I didn’t understand why Brendan got star baker, it should have been Danny!” countered Jade Carly Jones. Meanwhile, @zannie101 later tweeted: “In my serious management meeting this morning we spent 10 minutes discussing @BritishBakeOff and the oiled arms #fantastic.”

An outbreak of #BakeOffInnuendo threatened to send Twitter into a meltdown. “THUD! I think 3% of the viewing audience just died when Mary said “You’ve got to beat it ’til it’s stiff,” mused @neekonline. “Load of moisture in there, that’s why it wets the finger” Wow, what a quote from Paul!” tweeted a stunned @icyfehr.

“I think I’m being very easy with them tonight x;)” joked Paul Hollywood himself @Hollywoodbaker while trending worldwide. At least we assume he was joking. “Big bad wolf Paul Hollywood is out in full force tonight! Yikes!” shuddered @KateCostigan. “He is a Simon Cowell of the baking world tonight!!” gasped @wclou.

A night dubbed ‘The One With Blood, Sweat and Tears’ by @jvmiller during the post-show #BakeOffFriends game was summed up by a tweet from @Hockapocka which also paved the way for the trepidation caused by an impending double eliminationā€¦

“I couldn’t sleep after last night’s @BritishBakeOff – I felt too wired and nervous for next weekā€¦”

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