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The One With The Best Bike Ever Eaten – Your Semi Final Verdict!

“Who’d a thunk it, 3 blokes in the @BritishBakeOff final!” tweeted @benlancaster following an epic GBBO Semi that resulted in the ‘Bun Boy Three’ (copyright @shazzy_richards) of Brendan, James and John making it through.

The excitement entered the celeb-sphere too, with Sophie Ellis Bextor tweeting: “First time watching #gbbo I love it why have I not watched it before?!” Perhaps it’s time she changes the title of her hit into ‘Heartbreak (Make Me A Baker)’?

“What a tense show,” tweeted @HVR_Heather. “James is a very clever sausage… Bike cake!!” The young man’s (near) roadworthy signature bake generated a huge response, with @EmilyDavis28 suggesting ‘The One With The Best Bike Ever Eaten’ for the title-based #BakeOffFriends game and @chris_allen positing that “James has created the Boris bun.”

Brendan’s ‘swan bake’ petits fours also stirred a sturdy reaction, with Aurelie Fla writing on the show’s Facebook page: “Lovely cygnets… pretty much everything he makes looks terrific.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Lawrence stated: ” I would like John to win as he knows what he is doing and is good… but James is a sensational risk taker and does well!”

As for this week’s departure, Helen Robbins wrote: “So sad to see Danny go. She was fantastic! Standard is so high and the challenges have been so tough.”

“She was extremely solid in her knowledge but also very experimental,” added Sanja Christie. “I would not be surprised to see her cook book on the shelves in a year or so!”

GBBO finalist Brendan also tweeted Danny to say: “You are wonderful. It was a pleasure and honour baking alongside you”. Awww!

A posting from Wendy Bright summed up the feelings of many after an eventful evening: “Sad to see Danny go but it was the right result after this week’s bake off. Think Brendan’s got to watch out now as James is really upping his game. Pleased for John too, he has also improved these last few weeks and has shown us although he may panic here and there, he does know his stuff. It is going to be interesting next week!!”

So, just one more round of challenges awaits the remaining trio, branded ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys” by @adharkin. May the best man win!

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