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The One With The Car Crash Crackers – Your Week 8 Verdict!

“Fridge and Pray is the new Keep Calm and Carry On,” astutely observed @KaisaJaye during the baking hot show.

The GBBO Cat used up all her nine lives in Week 8, as not even Sue’s “fridge and pray” advice could save the beloved baker from a heat-induced crisis. The reaction to her departure was emotional.

“How can I have a tear in my eye at a baking programme?!” tweeted @Bluebackpacker. “Will miss her,” wrote Judy Mills on Facebook. “Quirky, honest and true.”

“She was very funny and talented,” admitted Ali Jacobs, “but it was right that she went after a poor week. The teacake challenge was properly difficult but hers looked as broken as her spirit”.

As @snowbloodapple’s contribution to the #BakeOffFriends game on Twitter stated, the title of the episode “has to be “The One With Car Crash Crackers…”

James’s cobwebbed gingerbread barn propelled him to Star Baker and prompted his fellow contestant @DannyTheBaker to tweet: “Well deserved -had the looks and the taste plus some top last minute improv.”

“[The] barn was genius,” added @HMcgibbon. “A converted, ready to move into one couldn’t have been better. Fantastic.”

Meanwhile, despite slapping some mascara onto a little bird, Brendan’s effort wasn’t warmly received by the judges. The viewers liked it though, with @RenBehan saying she “can’t believe Brendan is being slated (or shredded wheated) for his superb structure!!”

While the tear ducts may have been tested, so were the stomachs. Big Brother winner Kate Lawler summed up the cravings of many by tweeting: “Loving #GBBO tonight. No TV programme has ever made my tummy rumble like it is right now. Time for cake.”

It’s also time for a Semi Final…

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