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The One With The Perfect Wobble – Your Verdict on Week Four

“The One with the Perfect Wobble”

That’s the title given to the dessert-based fourth episode by @calmprotactor while taking part in the popular #BakeOffFriends game on the official Twitter feed.

It wasn’t just the crème caramels wobbling – many viewers were shaking with nerves as the competition seriously hotted up.

“Phew!” tweeted @wotchers. “What a rollercoaster ride of an episode! I’m going to have a little lie down – can’t handle the excitement!”

The sad departure of Stuart caused an outpouring of emotion, although not towards his dubious dress sense. He may have avoided a soggy bottom, but as for the top…

“Awwww so sad for Stuart,” mourned @MaireadFromBray. “I like Stuart. Not the shirt. But I like Stuart.”

In fact, the affection for him threatened to turn into 50 Shades Of Bake Off. Check out this tweet from @bronaghwaugh: “Oh…lovely hunky stuart! I’d love him to give me a PE lesson… & then feed me cake afterwards!!”

Erm… moving swiftly on!

“Brendan – WOW,” gushed Vicki Milburn about the star baker on the show’s Facebook fan page. “Loved the final piece he did. Something so sweet about him!”

“I love that Brendan’s torte matches his orange shirt,” added an impressively observant @HelenTaylor29.

Judging fair,” reckoned Angela James, but Ryan was lucky not to avoid the chop. Interestingly James did not do as well this week. Maybe desserts are not his forte.”

Eggs. Stir. Minate! Fans of Doctor Who were getting in on the baking gags too, with the sci-fi show’s previous Dalek-heavy episode featuring a very prominent soufflé that turned out to be integral to the plot.

“Our technical challenge this week is to make a souffle without eggs or milk, while at the centre of a Dalek Asylum. Can they do it?” pondered @RyanJohnNelson.

Finally, rising TV star Laura Whitmore aka @thewhitmore summed up the nation’s mood after being bombarded with an array of mouthwatering treats, tweeting: “The Great British Bake Off may be my new favourite tv show. But it makes me want to eat lots of cake!!”

She’s not alone. Bring on the pies in Week 5! Given all the #BakeOffInnuendo of late, brace yourselves for some crude-ites during the American Pie showstopper task from those who have seen the infamous movie…

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