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The One With Too Many Goodbyes – Your Week 7 Verdict!

After the previous episode’s stay of execution for the bakers after John’s unfortunate injury, Week 7 sadly saw the departure of Sarah-Jane and Ryan from the competition. It was fittingly dubbed ‘The One With Too Many Goodbyes’ by @TeacupCupcakes in the post-show #BakeOffFriends game on Twitter.

“It’s sad to see any of the contestants go in this series, they’re all such nice people,” wrote Jonathan Hill on the Bake Off Facebook page, “but it was the right two this time.”

It was the right choice but am sad to see them both go,” agreed Nikki Livett. “Sarah Jane’s gentleness and kindness and passion will be missed and Ryan as well – both lovely people.”

“Right decision as always,” concurred Shona Stewart. “Pleased Danny got star baker – she seemed to be really unsure in her first couple of weeks.”

It wasn’t just tears being shed during GBBO – there was a deluge of drool caused by the doughnuts in particular! “Delicious!!! One of the first recipes I’m gonna try from new bake off book now I’ve seen how they’re done,” beamed Jacqueline Thompson.

“My dog is sitting staring at the TV… dribbling,” tweeted ‏@shazzy_richards. However, last year’s Bake Off finalist Holly Bell confessed: “I may well be the only person in the world who does not like doughnuts.”

The sight of Mary Berry trending worldwide matched the sheer awesomeness of her jacket judging by the reaction. Could she be the Queen Of Puddings AND the Queen Of Fashion?

“Mary Berry looks dope tonight!” tweeted BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw. “Wow Mary Berry is rocking a statement jacket tonight,” proclaimed popstar Little Boots, with Hollyoaks actress Bronagh Waugh adding: “Look at Mary Berry rockin’ floral bomber jackets back into 2012!!”

But what will she be wearing in Week 8? What mouthwatering treats will make that dog dribble again? Only time will tell, but the competition is heating up as we draw closer to the finishing line…

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