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The Ultimate Bake Off Would-You-Rather

For the bakers in the tent, tricky decisions have to be made in a split second. Now it’s time for you to make some choices tougher than an over-baked spelt loaf in the form of our ultimate Bake Off Would-You-Rather.

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Would you rather have a soggy bottom or a wet middle?

Would you rather everything you made was overbaked or underbaked?

Would you rather never be able to eat bread again, or never be able to eat cake again?

Would you rather get a Hollywood Handshake three times in a row or win Star Baker twice?

Would you rather have leakage from your meat or shrinkage from your pastry?

Would you rather take on a technical challenge from Prue, or from Paul?

Would you rather use salt instead of sugar or use someone else’s custard?

Would you rather run out of freezer space or forget to turn the oven on?

Would you rather never be able to make a pun or never be able to make an innuendo?

Would you rather have your buns ganached or creamed?

Would you rather be told your bakes are too simple, or be criticised for being too ambitious?

Would you rather be in the tent during gale-force winds or a tropical heatwave?

Would you rather viewers remembered you for your incredible baking skills or for your loveable personality?

Would you rather have to dunk all your biscuits until they become soggy or never be able to eat biscuits or drink tea again?

Would you rather throw a ruined bake in the bin or pretend nothing is wrong?

Would you rather have a scone with cream on top of jam or jam on top of cream?