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Yasmin Feels The Burn…

An incendiary encounter with hot caramel left Yasmin licking her wounds in the Great British Bake Off quarter-finals.

The baker, who was later chosen to leave the show by the judges, was left in tears and requiring First Aid treatment after her attempts to conjure up caramel for her croquembouche burnt her fingers in the process.

“I did everything I could do,” reflected Yasmin. “Apart from burning myself, I’d probably do the same again.”

Paul Hollywood would certainly not like to taste her rose croquembouche again though. “You burnt the sugar,” he slammed, before adding that “the bitterness coming from that sugar was breathtakingly bad”. Mary Berry said a lot less, perhaps because she was lost for words at the pink coloured filling inside the profiteroles.

Janet also endured significant damage in the kitchen – to her chocolate roulade. Some major rolling issues caused her effort to erupt like a cream filled volcano, which led to her finishing last in the Technical Challenge. “This doesn’t even count as a roulade,” admitted Janet. “It looks like a disaster area”. With self-criticism like that, who needs judges?

Just kidding Paul and Mary!