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New Year’s resolutions, GBBO style

Like a crisp crème brûlée, New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. But the GBBO bakers showed us their resolutions for 2019 and their ambitions inspired us to make some of our own.

Inspired by our bakers, we thought that this year we’d set ourselves some Bake Off-related resolutions, so that we can stride into the kitchen with quiet confidence on 2019. Here are our New Year’s resolutions, GBBO style.

  1. I will learn the difference between a macaroon and a macaron.
  2. I will not be scared of soufflé.
  3. I will make filo pastry once, and then never again.
  4. I will find out what a proving drawer actually does and decide if I need one at home (spoiler: you don’t).
  5. I will not cry over a soggy bottom.
  6. I will buy a rolling pin and not use a wine bottle… except in dire straits.
  7. I will save my egg whites and REMEMBER to use them for a meringue.
  8. I will then hold the meringue mix upside down over my head with absolute confidence.
  9. I will make a Star Baker badge and wear it on my apron.
  10. I will give myself a Hollywood Handshake for every bake.

If all of those seem like too much to remember, make a resolution to watch The Great New Year’s Bake Off and get 2019 off to a flying start.

We’ll see you on New Year’s Day at 7.40pm on Channel 4.