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Young boys burn

Fresh-faced duo Rob and Jason were both elminated from the Great British Bake Off after making a hash of their pies.

The show’s youngest bakers have wowed viewers with their good looks and flashes of baking brilliance but they were made to pay for their frequent mistakes.

In the Signature Bake round, Rob was told “the pastry has shrunk” on his ambitious Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Rough Puff Pastry.

Judge Paul labelled the pastry on Jason’s Brown Down Chicken Pie “anaemic”, although he did concede that its flavour was “fantastic”.

Both boys flunked Paul’s pork pie Technical Challenge, with the judge describing the appearance of Rob’s effort as “irregular”.

Jason finished last in the challenge, with Paul saying his pastry was “far too thick”.

“It’s a bit bland,” added Mary witheringly.

Things got even worse in the Showstopper Challenge. Paul thought Rob’s dessert was “a big disaster” while he accused Jason of creating an “early 80s meringue”, whatever that is.

“My head is on the chopping board,” predicted Rob as the judges made their decision. And he was right – although thankfully not in a literal sense – as Paul and Mary decided to kick out the two young lads.

On the bright side, Jason says he’s enjoyed the show so much he is considering taking up baking professionally.