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Episode 4 – Pie & Tarts Week – Bakes & Results

Still reeling from last week’s double elimination, the bakers entered the tent only to contend with the perils of soggy bottoms, rhubarb splashback and custard tart extraction. Messy!

Star Baker


Departing Baker


Quote Of The Night:

” “The terror of a soggy bottom has been keeping me up all night…” – Kimberley

#BakeOffFriends Titles:

The One With The Berry Slap (@BookwormRach)

The One When Pythagoras Did Not Equal The Sum Of All Its Parts (@Trudifay)

The One With Soggy Tops, Tarts and Rhubarb Splashback (@ginger_ninja24)

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Signature Bake: Fruit Pie

Ali – Apple and Ginger Pie with a Pecan and Walnut Shortcrust

Beca – Mamgu’s ‘Cherry-Apple’ Tart (Rhubarb Pie)

Christine – Granny Rogers Apple, Plum and Cinnamon Country Pie

Frances – Peach Pie In The Sky

Glenn – Apple and Maple Syrup Pie

Howard – Apple Pie with sage pastry

Kimberley – Pecan and Rosemary Caramel Apple Pie

Rob – Apple and Pear Pie with thyme

Ruby – Apple and Marzipan Pie

Technical Bake – Custard Tarts

Technical Challenge Winner: Frances

The Showstoppers: Filo Pastry Pie

Ali – Orange, Cardamom, and Date M’Hanncha (Snake Cake)

Beca – Moroccan Vegetable Filo Feast

Christine – Roasted Vegetable Filo Pie with feta cheese

Frances – Cherry Tree Baklava Filo Pie

Glenn – Spinach, Feta, and Dill Spanakopita

Howard – Fresh Fig and Feta Filo Flan

Kimberley – Chicken, Bacon and Butternut Squash Filo Pie

Rob – Pythagoras Spanakopita with St George’s mushrooms

Ruby – Rose, Almond and Raspberry Filo Pie