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The Final – Bakes & Results

The key ingredients of style and substance were blended to winning effect by Frances, as her Showstopper propelled her to victory during a very tight Final. While Frances nabbed the crown, Mary, Mel and Sue were busy nabbing asparagus from under the eventual victor’s nose, while the bakers entered the realms of Pretz-hell during the twisted Technical Challenge. But they all made it through, with plenty of tears and smiles and everyone emerged from the tent of dreams with much to be proud of.

The Winner


The Runners-Up

Kimberley and Ruby

Quotes Of The Night:

“I need to bake my flipping socks off” – Frances

“Moisture is the enemy…” – Paul Hollywood

“Quickly, she’s gone to the microwave…” – Mel

#BakeOffFriends Titles:

The One With Pretzelsaurus! (@Liessabai)

The One With The Picnics In Posh Pies (@TinaThudBump)

Signature Bake: Picnic Pie

Frances – Rainbow Picnic Pie

Kimberley – Chicken and Pig Pie

Ruby – Picnic Basket Pie

Technical Bake – Paul Hollywood’s Pretzels

Technical Challenge Winner: Kimberley

The Showstoppers: Wedding Cake

Frances – Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding Cake

Kimberley – Languages of Love Wedding Cake

Ruby – Raspberry, Lemon and Passion Fruit Wedding Cake