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The One With The Nun Bun Fun – Your Week 7 Verdict!

Suet dream or a beautiful nightmare?

The fact that Edith Piaf, #BakeOffInnuendo and ‘Oh Glenn’ were trending on Twitter at various stages of Pastry Week highlighted what @beed239 described as the “rollercoaster ride of emotions” stemming from that night’s Bake Off.

Glenn was no longer the last man standing, or technically kneeling in front of the oven, after Paul and Mary sent him for a Mel & Sue Sandwich. “Great inventiveness and style throughout,” tweeted last year’s contestant Brendan Lynch, while #GBBO winner Edd Kimber defended Glenn’s techniques: “Paul might no be convinced, but inverse puff pastry is a wonderful thing.”

“Glenn was fantastic,” gushed Eleanor Prior on our official Facebook fan page. “I bet he’s a fabulous teacher… Bake off will be less smiley without him!”

“As always, the Piaf of the pudding is in the eating,” wrote @Jo_Parry_Tweets in reference to Frances’s music-inspired Showstopper. Elsewhere, Ruby was being told to “get a ruddy grip” by Mel – thus giving a nation of Bake Off fans another phrase to shoehorn into conversations alongside “Fridge and Pray”!

It’s not often that decapitated nuns show up on pre-watershed television, but the Technical Challenge necessitated – in the words of @student_foodie – “the #GBBO bakers having a religieuse experience!”

Yes, Nun Bun Fun had the bakers getting into some bad habits – or is that just a Nun Bun Pun? “I’ve never eaten a nun. That’s nunbelievable,” quipped @Willi108.

“Considering a favourite topic is #bakeoffinnuendo – baking ‘spotted dicks’ is surely a minefield”. Well, @phippsy87 wasn’t wrong! Where do we begin on the raft of risqué that ransacked our screens?

“It was off the scale innuendo packed tonight – bravo all, bravo” beamed @TinaThudBump.

There was some class baking too of course, with Frances securing Star Baker and presumably heading off to celebrate with a spot of Nun Bun Jenga. “Well done Frances,” praised Liz Wilkins on Facebook. “Really original ideas and great creativity. Am so pleased she has upped her flavours.”

Next week brings the Quarter Finals – and it’s an all female affair. As @camie_rose tweeted at the end of the show, summoning some Beyonce to convey her point: ” @BritishBakeOff Who run the World? GIRLS. #girlpower”

(Thanks to @LucySaysSmile for the #BakeOffFriends title this week!)

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