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The One With The Peachy Buns – Your Week 6 Verdict!

The dreaded Dough Week rolled into town and saw Twitter go into a frenzy when the man who survived #Elbowgate and #Custardgate was given his marching orders by Paul and Mary…

“Soggy eyes, and fortunately not a soggy bottom,” wrote Dawn Gibson on the official Facebook fan page. “I’ll miss you, Howard. What a nice man.”

“Tears at Glenn’s tears. Tears at Howard leaving. Tearful,” tweeted @AliceIHS.

“Can you tell me why I’m in tears? I love #GBBO. I don’t want anyone to leave! #sniff,” weeped @penimagic.

You get the idea. It was emotional.

The man who launched (well over) a thousand tears and more tweets as he topped the Worldwide trends, @HowardMiddlebun, responded with: “Oh! So obviously I knew this would happen. I didn’t expect the unbelievable support from you all. I am humbled. Carry on baking!”

To put the sobbing aside, Dough Week was an amusing affair for a variety of reasons. As @paul_d_stevens commented: “The frequent mention of the word buns on @britishbakeoff is causing much, admittedly childish, hilarity here.”

Howard’s choice of hemp for his tea loaf (even Zammo from Grange Hill would just say no!) positioned him as the Heisenberg figure in ‘Baking Bad’, causing much mirth for viewers.

“There are few things funnier than Mary Berry quizzing Howard on his use of hemp,” tweeted @nicola_ruth.

“Mary looked totally scandalised! What a classic! The last bastion of innocence no more…” wrote MayLing Ngiam on Facebook.

Elsewhere, Ruby landed the coveted Star Baker accolade and the plaudits came flying in, with quite a few viewers hoping the win will give her kitchen morale a boost.

“I think Ruby is a great baker, apart from the first week when she fell to pieces, she’s been pretty much consistent,” stated Louise Marks. “Remember guys she’s only 20 and at uni…”

Ruby’s endeavours also prompted a comment from celebrity lothario @CalumBest, who tweeted: “Trying to focus on @BritishBakeOff baking but having @rubytandoh making treats makes it impossible #stunning”.

If he’s not careful, he’ll bite off more than he can choux… which brings us onto Pastry Week! Suet dreams are made of these!

(P.S. Thanks to @jenmann for the #BakeOffFriends title of the week!)

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