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Semi Final – Bakes & Results

The Bake Off Semi Final turned into banana-drama for Beca, as her fruity Showstopper failed to get a ‘oui’ from the judges during the French-themed Semi. Everyone felt tormented by the sight of the Charlotte Royale ‘brain cakes’, while Sue delivered the finest Marlon Brando impression on a British baking show to date. With the help of a few steamed buns in her cheeks…

Star Baker


Departing Baker


Quote Of The Night:

“Are you going to be moulding Dot Cotton?” – Mel on Frances’ Soap Opera Cake

#BakeOffFriends Titles:

L’un Avec Le Derrière Comme Une Pêche (@sret)

The One With Mel & Choux (@iamblond_e)

The One With The Phantom Of The Opera (@KatieKates_84)

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Signature Bake: Savoury Canapes

1. Beetroot, Horseradish and Salmon choux puffs

2. Welsh Rarebit Tartlets

3. Stilton and Walnut Macarons

1. Choux Pastry Tomatoes

2. Chantenay Carrots

3. Cauliflower Cheese Scones


1. Crab Profiteroles: choux buns filled with crab & wasabi mayonnaise

2. Shortcrust Tarts with scallops, pea and mint puree, parma ham and parmesan

3. Steamed Chinese Buns with barbecue chicken and water chestnuts

1. Choux Buns filled with goats cheese, toasted walnuts and caramelised red onions

2. Spinach, parmesan & quails’ egg tartlets

3. Beetroot Jelly with crème fraiche on a rye & poppy seed biscuit

Technical Bake – Mary Berry’s Charlotte Royale

Technical Challenge Winner: Kimberley

The Showstoppers: Opera Cake

Beca – Banoffee Opera Cake

Frances – Great British Soap Opera cake

Kimberley – Passion Fruit and Lime Opera Cake

Ruby – Chocolate, Almond Praline and Saffron Opera