About the show

The Great British Bake Off is the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur baking fans compete to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker. Over the course of 10 hour-long episodes, the series follows the trials and tribulations of the competitors, young and old, from every background and every corner of Britain, as they attempt to prove their baking prowess. Each week the bakers tackle a different baking skill, which become progressively more difficult as the competition unfolds.


The Challenges

Signature Bake

Testing the bakers’ personality, creative flair and baking ability, the main challenge here is to produce something cute, rustic and altogether home-made-looking. It’s in this test that the Bakers get to show off their tried-and-tested handcooked bites.

Technical Bake

This challenge separates the wheat from the chaff. Take one basic recipe, with the same ingredients and instructions, and ask our bakers to produce the finished product… sound easy? Well, any variation on the finished product will be a result of their own technical knowledge and experience – or lack of. Bakers are laid bare in this task and this is where the pressure’s really on in the bake-off.

Showstopper Bake

The oven gloves are off in this final challenge where the bakers are able to showcase their depth of skill and talent. The complexities of this task call for a professional standard in taste and appearance. Are they up to it? The judges will be looking for the most impressive and elaborate creations – that better taste first-class too.


Series 1

Series 1
In our first series, the search began for the country’s top home baker. Ten passionate cooks travelled the country, baking cakes in the Cotswolds, biscuits in Scotland, bread in Sandwich, puddings in Bakewell and pastry in Cornwall before a grand final in London. The series also traced the history of British baking: visiting local baking landmarks and discovering why we bake what we bake today. And the winner was Edward.

Series 2

Series 2
Over eight weeks, 12 of the Britain’s best amateur bakers will show-off their cake-baking, pastry- and bread-making and patisserie skills as they are challenged to make everything from the perfect tarte au citron to towers of macaroons, and from iced fingers to family pies. But only one can become Britain’s Best Amateur Baker. That’s the icing on the cake! All the challenges are devised and judged by legendary cookery writer and baker Mary Berry and acclaimed Master Baker Paul Hollywood. The winner was Joanne.

Series 3

Series 3
Over ten weeks, twelve of the country’s best amateur bakers face challenges offered up by the King and Queen of baking, legendary cookery writer Mary Berry and Master Baker Paul Hollywood. Giving the bakers support whilst licking their mixing bowls clean are Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins who continue to host the proceedings. The Great British Bake Off returned for a third series with cakes, pies, breads and the odd kitchen disaster. The winner was John.

Series 4

For the first time ever, the tent welcomes a baker’s dozen to do baking battle. Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins coax them through their baking trials, all the while under the scrutiny of the judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. But with 13 bakers, at any time Mary and Paul may decide to lose not one but TWO bakers. Frances was crowned winner.

Series 5

The Bake Off was back for another year, welcoming the tent’s youngest-ever baker and the oldest. All 12 bakers were challenged on their baking skills from every angle by judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, all the while helped – or hindered – by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. 30 challenges, 12 brand-new bakers, two judges and two presenters, but there could only be one winner – Nancy.  

Series 6

Once again 12 new bakers don their aprons and head for the iconic tent in the heart of the British Countryside. Judges Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood have created 30 new challenges that will test their baking prowess, creativity and skill in a bid to find the country’s best amateur baker. From Victorian classics to high end patisserie, chocolate sculptures to everyday staples the bakers will need a cool head and even colder hands to make it to the final. With them every step of the way are Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins ready to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on. Nadiya was crowned winner.  

Series 7

From bread to biscuits, high-end patisserie to store cupboard classics and beautiful botanical creations. The bakers will have to whisk, knead, ice, roll, beat and bake week after week to make it to the final. Candice was crowned winner.